What is the right time to start your own Business

What is the right time to start your own Business

I started question with What instead of When as I find What is more conclusive.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably come to the conclusion of  starting your own business. You’ve probably thought about it a lot in the past. It’s also fair to assume that you’ve delayed – for days, months, years, decades – because you were thinking earlier about when

If you think about when,  there are many reasons which can stop you namely,

Why to start a business?

What is a better Job or Business?

what is better Job or Business

What business can I start?

Who will give me Order?

Will my business generate money which is equivalent to my monthly salary?

Am I able to take failure risk? 

Etc……. Once I have a solution then I will start Business . But that will never come.

I have seen two types of businessman’s. 

  1. Who are willingly want to come into Business  We call them Entrepreneurs. Most of them have Make it happen Attitude.
  2. Who are forced to come into business due to circumstances.  Most of them are not fully prepared, nor given enough thought. They become Entrepreneurs with their determination of converting problem into opportunity.

But in both cases it is important for  you to create a set of conditions that make it possible to make your dreams a reality?  

it possible to make your dreams a reality?

What is the right time to start your own Business 

With my experience , I can tell you yesterday is better than today. Earliest is the best. But needs to complete the below steps. 

1, Use your self confidence to fuel your Business Rocket  

Think back to the last time you accomplished a major goal successfully. Remember how amazing you felt when you were done? 

That’s because achieving goals gives you a healthy dose of pride. And the good kind of pride — the kind that increases your sense of self worth – has the power to motivate you in ways you never thought possible. 

2. Plan the well proven  vision exercise. 

Write down what your dream life would look like in five years’ time, without any limitations or thought as to how you’ll get there just yet.

What business are you running?

 What does your team look like? 

How do you spend your free time? 

What do people say about your company and about you?

 How do you feel on a day-to-day basis?

Now look at what you’ve written, and imagine it’s all reality. Feel the pride that comes from having built something that’s yours. This is your dream come true picture and it’s your roadmap to success. Now that you have a destination, you’re in a much better position to start making moves towards it.

3. Embrace The Possibility Of Failure but have courage to overcome it

An estimated  70% of  people want to be their own boss, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually out there building the businesses of their dreams. People think the biggest barrier to entrepreneurship is time or money, but often, the real reason people don’t start businesses is because they’re afraid to fail.

How you view and handle failure is a big predictor of lifelong success. The fear of failure can be debilitating at first, but it doesn’t mean you’re weak, incapable or worthless. If you can switch your mindset, you’ll see that failure is actually a powerful tool for growth.

Instead of fearing the unknown, be WTF?! (that means “willing to fail!”) and trust the process. There’s not a single successful entrepreneur out there who didn’t have a path paved with failure. There’s a lot to learn from your mistakes —  so take them as an opportunity to get better.

I assure you, If you are in business for 1000 days you are going to be successful.

 4. Prioritize Your Vision  & fine tune it to the best of your capability.

Realistically, it’s not about timing — it’s about you. Only you have the power to create your own success story and that takes a certain type of person. It takes grit, it takes guts, but most of all it takes vision.

You have to be all in and you have to really see the big picture. Starting and growing a business is always going to take hard work, rolling up your sleeves and putting in the hours of hard efforts. 

What’s important is knowing that you are in control of your own life, working towards the Painted Picture you created. 

5, Preferably Start Business in your area of Interest so that you can take it ahead with passion.

When anybody wants to start a business, he thinks of his present job and what he is doing . But I will tell you it need not be.

Today ample opportunities are available. You must give thought to various options. Decide what is best for you. To become successful in business you must have…..

Product or Services for which market exists

Value addition  compared to your competition which will develop attention

Build Trust with customers through actions.

Build Brand through repeat orders.

Take the help of mentors like us.


So what is the right time to start your own  business? Now.

 it’ll be scary and there will be a huge learning curve, but the time is going to go by anyway… so where would you rather be a year from now? Still daydreaming about being your own boss, or 12 months into building the life of your dreams?

That’s the real question.

But I assure you if you take help of our expertise & proven skill developed through real time experience , you will be certainly successful.

We Wish All the Best in your Venture.

I am making my intention clear through this note and I hope you will help me with my endeavor by spreading the word 🙂

Like I always say, the first Plan & then make it happen. You get the unending happiness of creativity. 😉

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