A Practical Guide on How to start Process Control Business in India

How to start Process Control Business in India

April 24’ 2020 by Vinay Deshpande

I have been running the business now almost for two decades & prior to that, I worked in many companies at various positions right from trainee engineer to regional manager.  The time is changed but the aspiration of an engineer to try business on his own still present. Instead, I find it is increasing as the years are going by. In today’s well-informed world I find the need for imparting the knowledge & provide the practical platform on how to start Process Control Business in India.

Recently the engineer who is working with us for more than three years sent me mail just before the start of COVID-19 outbreak & lockdown

Hello Vinay Sir,

I am Sandip,  I have decided to leave the company & like to start my own business from 1/4/2020. As per the rules of the company & my appointment letter consider this like three months’ notice & release me on March month-end positively. 

Obviously, the next day early morning I had a one to one meeting & liked to gather information about his business.  I was really surprised when I found that he is starting a new business but he has not done any preparation for that. I came to this conclusion because I know that he is not very good technically as well as financially. He is recently married.  He was venturing into the trading market where you need money power as well as hard work & very good contacts. He was not having anything. He has taken care of the technical aspect which is crucial in trading business by taking a partner who was our Ex-colleague, Hemant who stays 100 km away.

In this situation, I was worried.  I made him aware of the problems that he may face. I cautioned him of probable failures if care not taken. I also assured him that we will certainly give the preference to him to purchase his traded items but he has to be competitive.  I also assured him all the best & told him that he can approach me in case of a problem.

Sandip is not the first engineer who is leaving our company & starting his own business. Many others tried in this past very few succeed & many failed.  When I analyzed why they failed, I found they failed because they were not prepared well before the start. They failed in planning.

I was honestly very moved by this incident and delighted by the opportunity available in today’s scenario, to be honest. I moved because imagining someone in failure situation is heartbreaking and grateful and happy that I have had the privilege to impart proven skills to impart the knowledge on how to start Process Control Machine Automation business in India based on what knowledge & which strengths concern person has? How much experience he has got? What are his financial goals? Which business has the opportunity? How to develop a sustainable business model with the necessary growth path in mind?

So here I am, with a practical guide on  How to start a successful  Process Control Business in India. I emphasize practical because I decided to provide a working platform for the right candidate & also I am ready to share solutions to possible problems based on my own experience. 

To understand how to become a (successful) Process Control businessman, it is important that you understand what planning is needed. 

What is Planning?

What is Planning

I am running a successful business for the last 20 years. PCMA Engineers has excelled itself In the field of Process Control Machine Automation based on its strengths, namely contacts, knowledge & skills. PCMA has developed a strong customer base based on application knowledge which has sensed customer needs. With changing time, we want to impart our experience, knowledge & skills to the right group of engineers. In short, PCMA wants to develop & act like Engineers Hub by concentrating on Niche Market. If you ask me the most important point in setting a successful business, then I will say Planning. I am a strong believer in “ Things must work on paper before implementation” This is the first step of any assignment

“Planning is the process that will educate you in choosing the right business, keep you informed about procedures to follow in setting business,  detailing of business help you in making an action plan to avoid probable pitfalls, the setting of business goals keep you entertained, motivated, & inspired, convinced that you are going to succeed. It makes your creative mind active you start enjoying the tough journey”

In other words, Process Control business is all about knowing 

  1. How to select a niche process control field?
  2.  How to get the latest process control knowledge in that field online along with process Instrumentation knowledge as you are going to act as an expert. In short, you must acquire everything That makes you a good process engineer in the niche field you selected, It needs to be backed by necessarily proven experience in that field.
  3. Depending upon capability & availability of resources one has to decide in which area you want to venture in. Broadly it is divided into service as a freelancer or group of engineers; Trading/Sales; Manufacturing. 
  4. In-process control, one has to select the customer or industry type to be targetted for business. As process knowledge, related application knowledge, Government rules & regulations, quality standards like 6 sigma, etc differ substantially. Even depending upon area specifications control instruments differ.

Since we are guiding & mentoring individuals or organizations, we are addressing & solving their problems. We are actually adding value to this set of audience. And when we add value to this set of entrepreneurs, we build trust, and trust is a key ingredient in building a brand.

This is important to understand because aspiring entrepreneurs either approach a nonexperienced entity or individual having only theoretical knowledge like MBAs or may get trapped into an unknown vicious circle of relative or closed ones.  

I find both approaches to be wrong because if the theory is important all teachers would have become businessmen & utility. If anybody can start a successful business then failures may not be in such a high percentage.

Check out my company credentials on www.pcmaengg.co.in.

You are not trying to be a businessman like Tata or Birla but only trying to develop your own business to ensure technical, financial, social responsibility. And for that, you need to learn how to listen and understand the ABC of business from the right resource

And you definitely do not have to jump into the business but do the planned venture. What you should be aiming for is to be successful & not to get trapped in a vicious circle. When you have the clarity you will be able to select the right business & have peace of mind.

I am mentioning these points because I believe every one of us has these capabilities and it can get only better with practice and consistency & guidance. I am telling this because I did it without any business background.

Don’t be demotivated because you don’t have a very high percentage during engineering degree or your English is poor because like a muscle in your body, the skill of business can also be conditioned and strengthened over time.

Now that we have addressed that problem.

Is starting a new Process Control business is a good career choice?

Is starting a new Process Control business is a good career choice?

To be honest, starting a business needs courage. I know many engineers willing to start a business, could not start as they do not have courage to start. They have a list of excuses.  Starting a business is the first will followed by action to make it happen.  

As a businessman first thing, you have to forget about immediate stability.  Business to become stable you have to run it for 1000 days with all its ups & downs cycle with a lot of patience & with self-confidence. 

According to the google search, the process control business in India has tremendous potential. I see myself this business multiplied 10 times in the last decade. 

Now, obviously, depending upon business type multiplying factor will vary. 

The competition in this field is also going to increase as many more engineers are coming into the business due to education they have, parents are ready to finance,  Boss of your own, potential opportunities, etc 

Thanks to internet penetration, global payment solutions, and platforms like Upwork built for credibility and transparency, starting a business has become much easier. 

So, enough opportunities exist to start the process control business in India.

How to Start Process Control business in India

How to select Niche process Control Field

Step 0: Go Niche-How to select Niche process Control Field

Would you be intrigued if you see a unicycle? A little maybe. 

What about a bear? Definitely. 

What about a bear on a unicycle? Now, we are talking. 

See? When you put two very random things together it suddenly starts becoming more appealing and interesting.  You are better visualizing.

What about a white bear on a black unicycle? Now it is more defined, more specific

That is what you should do with your business it has to more specific. It has to be very clear. We must know which segment of process control business we are going to target based on our knowledge, skills &  experience. 

When you combine a skill like PLC Programming, Autocad drawing, 6 sigma quality control training, SCADA screen development, knowledge of PID tuning with a specific niche, then not only do you become an expert businessman in that area but also an expert in the industry with a lot of respect. This can be a very attractive proposition because now, not only do you have subject matter expertise but also a specific skill around this subject matter.

But mind you, make sure the niche you choose is dependent on fulfilling planning content as listed above and there are enough opportunities in the area you are venturing into.

Step 1: Build a portfolio– Showcase Credentials / Build testimonials

Process Control Portfolio

You need to start building credibility before you start earning anything.

This is the stage where most people give up. 

Because this is the stage where you are doing something without any kind of monetary feedback. But it’s important you do this. Your past work experience may be of help to you. If you have taken special initiative or solved any typical problem to customer satisfaction, that can give an edge.

As a new process control businessman, nobody is going to trust you. You have to start working on elements that will help you build this trust. One of the ways is to build a portfolio. A portfolio is a showcase of your capabilities.

Now that you have picked an industry, you have picked up a niche market, based on your past experience come up with different business ideas and create content for the industry. List out a few blog posts, collect customer certificates/credential certificates prepare small PPT presentations, how about a case study? Or perhaps some white papers. A good portfolio will give you a great platform to grow from. But that alone is not going to help you. You need presentation catalog physical or on a soft copy to send as an email

Step 2: Start creating social proof

Today is the era of email marketing, promoting business digitally as one to one meetings at customer premises has become past. We are all social beings. We all are on social media. Think of how you are able to reach select customers effectively with value-added products & services based on your business niche.

We look for the reviews on amazon before buying something, look at the number of listens on Spotify before we hit play, see what’s trending on Netflix. Everything is an example of social proof of how others have reacted in a similar situation.

As a process control businessman, you can tap into this and create your own social proof.

A great place to do this is Email marketing. 

With Email, you can attach product specifications. You can list out features that can benefit customers. You may be able to attach an appreciation certificate you received from other similar industries. You can do a technical comparison of your products w.r.t competition some times you can take rout of cost comparison. You must be present in front of the customer digitally. 

Again, digital presence having a niche & customer-centric or application-centric or product-centric information really helps in positioning yourself as a subject matter expert.

Step 3: Build authority with a blog

Authority is the ultimate credibility parameter. 

If you create a sense of authority, a certain sense of expertise, you will not only be able to attract more clients but also convert them at a much higher price.

And an easy way to do this is by creating a blog.

Again, here you will be using your blog as a tool to showcase your capabilities and authority. It’s extremely easy to set up a blog and there are plenty of resources online showing you how to do that.

So set up the blog niche-specific

Step 4: Create a pitch– What makes good Process Engineer

What makes good Process Engineer

A great pitch is simple, clear, to the point and articulate. 

I mean, think about it, you are trying to pitch to be a businessman. How can you expect your product or services to sell without the list of clients/customers/ contacts? How are you able to sell the process control product without process knowledge? How you can counter the disadvantage of competition product without possessing necessary process instrumentation knowledge? How you can offer services as a process control engineer without sensing the problem faced by a maintenance engineer?

These are the elements of a clear and effective pitch even in digital communication, 

  1. A clean, customized subject line
  2. Address the recipient by name 
  3. Reference to where you saw their requirement (or why you think they need your product or service)
  4. Why you think you are a good fit for the requirement or company
  5. References to your work and portfolio
  6. Links to your social media handles
  7. A good email signature

And mind you the riches lie in the follow-ups. Don’t forget to follow up after you pitch.

Also, keep testing your pitch until you get your highest converting pitch.

Step 5: Build Relations

How to Build customer relations & trust

In today’s digital world you can build relations through various tools like Facebook,  Whatsapp, Linkedin, zoom call, etc

Strong relations & trust win orders.

Today many companies have minimum manpower & more responsibility. If you are able to develop trust through your work it goes a long way in generating repeat orders.

Once the entry has done promote & sell across the industry 

What is the average salary for a Process Control freelancer in India?

Just to reiterate, stop looking at Process Control freelancer as a “job” and start looking at it as a skill that you can deploy regardless of where you are and who you are. This more applicable when you are selling service.

Having said that, the comfort of a job and the addict of a monthly salary is difficult to get rid of. And sometimes, for a lot of people having a job is more of a necessity than a choice.

Remember that now you are in business. You have to earn your own bread & butter. So first & foremost important thing is to get the assignment. Once you get assignment slowly you can work on the cost by adding value to your service. The cost is negotiable based on assignment, complexity, urgency, type of company, place,  etc. It may vary from 3500 to 10500 per day per assignment depending upon your knowledge & skills. Sometimes it can be higher as well.

Eventually, you can start charging people higher, and the best way to do that is by first changing your pricing with existing clients. They know the value you bring to the table, and by now, you should know your worth.

You have to prove your metal to the worth of the price you are demanding in this competitive world.

What are the qualifications necessary for becoming a Process Control Businessman?

There is a qualification based on the business you intend. It varies from trader to specialized SCADA or Robot programmer.  In short, the qualification must justify the business you intend to do. You need to have the necessary expertise in the niche you have selected for. 

Other than qualification I will say Process Control Bussenesman must have necessary proven work experience in the niche selected for at least 3-5 years expiriance. This is helpful in sensing the need of customers & translating it into an affordable solution. The businessman needs to have creativity & process knowledge for which he is giving a solution. 

Once you understand customer behavior spreading across needs very less time. But gaining trust is important through work.

Keeping all of these hurdles in mind, PCMA Engineers wants to develop & act like Engineers Hub by concentrating on Niche Market. This will also give us the satisfaction of passing knowledge to the next generation & fulfilling social responsibility.

How to become a better Process Control Businessman?

Notice how I used the word better over success? That’s because there will always be some room to improve when it comes to business. It’s a journey and not a destination and everybody starts at zero. 

Having said that, there are a few things you can do to avoid pitfalls business. The most crucial thing that you need to do is to start acquiring more & more knowledge in the respected field. Add on value to your skill by learning the latest techniques. Update your knowledge as Process control is a very dynamic world. In short, You have to do everything which will help you to develop as an expert in your niche field.


Like most things in life, becoming a Process Control Businessman will take you time. You have to go through the curve for you to become better at it. 

The more you implement the above article content better are chances of avoiding failures & keeping your motive high.

The more you learn & acquire knowledge the better you understand the customer’s need.

In simple language, if you are able to sense customer needs & can translate in the workable solution you are a businessman. 

The best time to start a business when the idea of starting a business is well planned. Once planned then start immediately before excuse comes forward.

Let me know about your journey of becoming a process control businessman in the comments section below.

You are always welcome for free & proven consultation. You can reach me on y company email id pcmaengg2001@gmail, com

Vinay Deshpande

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