A Practical Guide on How to Make P&ID

A Practical Guide on How to Make P&ID

May 1’ 2020 by Vinay Deshpande

I have been running the business now almost for two decades & prior to that, I worked in many companies at various positions right from trainee engineer to regional manager.  The time is changed but the aspiration of an engineer to try business on his own still present. Instead, I find it is increasing as the years are going by. In today’s well-informed world I find the need for imparting the knowledge & providing the practical platform to start various niche Process Control Machine Automation Business in India. It has very large potential one of the area I find is how to make P&ID

Today afternoon only I published my first blog on How to Start Process Control Business in India. In the evening,  the engineer who was working with us in the past has called me on my mobile.  He is now working with company which is in Mahad. His family is in Khopoli

Hello Vinay Sir

I am Rajesh,  I have decided to leave the present company & like to start my own business in Khopoli area as my wife is not keeping well & my mother has old age problems.  Please guide me on what business I can start & how you can help me. 

Obviously, I was excited I asked him has he come across my blog? He said no as the thought of starting a new business came to mind I thought of consulting with you first.

I was honestly very moved by his comment & sensed the responsibility.  As I was aware of Rajesh’s qualification, his skills, the business potential in the Khopoli area, his financial capabilities  & responsibilities, I told him he can think of starting a business of making P&ID initially & then add on services. 

I told him as he is the first client approached me, I will do the necessary planning for him & right a blog on How to make P&ID? My blog will showcase entire techno-commercial viability which services to offer as  P&ID expert

So here I am, with a practical guide on  How to make a P&ID.  I emphasize practical because I decided to provide a working platform for him & other similar candidates & also I am ready to share solutions to possible problems based on my own experience. 

To achieve success in any business, it is important that you understand what planning is needed. As what business to start is decided we have to see what are the knowledge necessary? Knowledge is the basic need. Then Comes Skills followed by the business potential To start the business of making P&ID following steps are very important

How to Make P&ID?

Step 0: Why P&ID is necessary?

  1. P&IDs are essential in the engineering and design of piping systems and process plants. By diagraming the functional relationship of piping, instrumentation and equipment components, they illustrate the interaction of the process components used to control an entire process
  2. P&ID is the basic document to start work
  3. P&ID is the document which is referred by all agencies namely by Development, Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Instrumentation, Electrical, Control Automation, process expert, etc
  4. P&ID plays a very important role during Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance.
  5. P&ID to made using the symbol library which conveys the right meaning to the user

Step 1: What Symbols to be used in P&ID & what care to be taken?

  1. P&ID is the acronym for “Piping and instrumentation diagram”, i.e. a very detailed diagram showing the processes happening within a plant, the involved equipment, and their interconnections. A set of standardized P&ID symbols is used by process engineers to draft such diagrams.
  2. P&ID symbols are standardized in various MNC units. So it is always necessary to first understand that.
  3. Make various folder company-wise so corrections required in latter stage are minimized.
  4. Even Text font & size is standardized. Before starting the work make note of it.
  5. Symbols & text must be readable after taking printout & making pdf.

Step 2: Which software skills required to draw P&ID

Normally Autocad is used to make P&ID. Few people also make it in Excel or in other dedicated software. It is necessary that you have sound knowledge of AutoCAD & able to read hand-drawn drawing if any

Step 3: Which other knowledge & skills will be beneficial while drawing P&ID

It is not just to have an expert in bellow areas but you can certainly able to add value to P&ID & able to generate trust in the customer’s minds.

  1. Process knowledge
  2. Instrumentation knowledge
  3. Piping knowledge
  4. Control philosophy

How to select an industry to make P&ID?

How to select an industry to make P&ID

To be honest, starting a business needs courage. I know many engineers willing to start a business, could not start as they do not have the courage to start. They have a list of excuses.  Starting a business is the first will followed by action to make it happen.  

Finding out the right customer who can buy services is also the  Task. For the business of making P&ID, I will give the following list based on my experience.

  1. Chemical Industry
  2. FMGG Industry
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. Oil & Gas

In these companies, there is a good chance of getting business & also recurring business as for every modification or change in process or plant level needs to be incorporated in the latest P&ID to minimize downtime from a maintenance point of view.

What is the average salary for a P&ID expert/freelancer in India?

What is the average salary for a P&ID expert or freelancer in India

Remember that now you are in business. You have to earn your own bread & butter. So first & foremost important thing is to get the assignment. Once you get assignment slowly you can work on the cost by adding value to your service. The cost is negotiable based on assignment, complexity, urgency, type of company, place,  etc. It may vary from 1500 to 2500 per drawing per assignment depending upon your knowledge & skills. Sometimes it can be higher as well.

Eventually, you can start charging people higher, and the best way to do that is by first changing your pricing with existing clients. They know the value you bring to the table, and by now, you should know your worth.

You have to prove your metal to the worth of the price you are demanding in this competitive world.

How to become a freelance P&ID expert?

Notice how I used the word expert over the business? That’s because there will always be some room to improve when it comes to business. It’s a journey and not a destination and everybody starts at zero. 

Having said that, there are a few things you can do to avoid pitfalls business. The most crucial thing that you need to do is to start acquiring more & more knowledge in the respected field. Add on value to your skill by learning the latest techniques. Update your knowledge as this is a very dynamic world. In short, You have to do everything which will help you to develop as an expert in your niche field. You have to be competitive as well as this being service industry


Like most things in life, making P&D &  starting it as a sustainable business will take you time. You have to go through the curve for you to become better at it. 

The more you implement the above article content better are chances of avoiding failures & keeping your motive high.

The more you learn & acquire knowledge the better you understand the customer’s need.

The best time to start a business when the idea of starting a business is well planned. Once planned then start immediately before excuse comes forward.

Let me know about your journey of making P&ID, starting it as a business & path towards becoming an expert. Please put in the comments section below.

You are always welcome for free & proven consultation. You can reach me on y company email id pcmaengg2001@gmail, com

Vinay Deshpande

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