About Me

About Me

I don’t believe in the accident, I am a strong believer of Make it Happen!

Let me tell you my story. 

It was almost 40 years ago when I got my Masters’s degree with Electronics specialization from the Department of Physics, University of Pune. It was one of the premier institutes in those times & to date.

I was not unemployed even for a single day.  I was having an appointment letter for a Government job in my town itself, based on the written examination followed by personal interviews based on a graduation degree.  I stood first in that written exam.  So on the very next day of completion of the final examination,  I joined the job in August 1981.  I left the government job after three and half months  in the year 1981 & joined a private company on the very next day of the result declared for post-graduation. In between, I had given the interview in Advani Oerlikon Ltd, again in my home town.   Even in those days getting a job was a bit difficult, but I was lucky enough & had good qualifications to get a job on my own.  Here I will like to tell you I accepted a job on a lesser salary than a govt job.  It was a big decision which I took about myself as this job was based on my postgraduate qualification. It was very difficult to convince my parents & close ones. But, within six months it was proved to be the right decision as I got first promotion in 6 months & started getting more salary than an earlier government job. This incident has increased confidence in me & I started believing in myself. 

Make it Happen! This sentence I heard the first time from our Technical Director Mr. A. T. Mirchandani & latter on I started believing it in my life as well. 

I was having Msc Physics Degree with Electronics as a specialization, but the first job which I received has given me the designation of Junior Engineer after successful completion of one-year probation. I have to compete with Bachelor of Engineers, who were having more application knowledge. I became Senior Engineer in the shortest period due to my ability to grasp new knowledge, implement it successfully. Also my capacity to take lead in accepting challenges & successfully concluding it.

Now, I started enjoying challenges. My capacity was also noticed by my immediate reporting boss, Mr. S. V. Hasabnis ( We used to call him Master), DGM of Electronics division at that time. I was lucky as I was having a very good boss from whom we can learn a lot. Good colleagues with sound knowledge & teamwork.  Dependable subordinate team. I was moving fast on the growth path. In the year 1985-86, I was selected as a plant in charge of setting a new subsidiary company by the top management team. I did that job successfully. I became a blue-eyed employee in the organization. In the year 1987, I got married. My marriage was attended by Mr. A. T. Mirchandani, Director of AOL Group along with Mr. T. M. Ghorpade, HR manager. From Our Electronics Division, GM, DGM & Managers along with many colleagues & subordinates were also present. Directors’ presence in Engineers’ marriage was the talk of the day.

During marriage time itself, the idea of starting my own business got developed my self &  spouse agreed to start it on New millennium day, 1st Jan 2001. Completion of 20 years of service.

Later on, I had the opportunity to work across different departments in AOL & prove my credentials as Assistant Manager & Deputy Manager. During my tenure of DM production, our division has first time crossed a monthly turnover of 1 Cr successfully for 3 months. A champagne bottle was opened by my hands to celebrate the occasion.  Big moment in Electronics department history for which I was a contributor.  

After working in the various departments across the organization, I came to the conclusion that If you have to start any business, it is important that you master sales skills. 

I realized, it is necessary to gather sales experience from another MNC in the electronic field.  I got the opportunity as well in Feb 1994. I am selected as Assistant Manager in Wester Region of Philips India limited for Industrial Automation products. Philips was a Big Brand. 

Getting into new shoes was not simple. I had to build my reputation in the new organization. To get any of the orders for a new portfolio of products and more importantly, I should understand how to pitch to these clients. 

But again I was lucky to have a good brand, proven products, encouraging colleagues, experienced boss & last but not least good customers.  I started mastering sales skills through my experience as officially I did not have an MBA degree. I could turn the table in our favor in many cases against tough & challenging competition from other MNC’s  

As the new millennium day was approaching I started planning the activity. 

What Business? 

Alone or Team? 

If a team who can be probable Partners?

If the team what is the plan of leaving the job

Type of Business Manufacturing, Trading, or Services? 

Which product or Services?

What shall be the mission statement of Business?

Area of Business?

Probable Customers?

How to approach customers?

When Can we get first order?

Considering the three months notice period I resigned in month August 2000, 

It is decided to have a partnership company, PCMA Engineers ( Process Control Machine Automation) with three partners having experience in Sales, Engineering & Site Execution. We registered company on 1/1/2001, a new millennium day as planned, and received the first order from Hindusthan Lever Ltd, the Project group. Big achievement. The ball started rolling from the first week itself. 

We quickly set up an office in my house itself started contacting customers in the nearby area in a planned manner

I was the first person from our big family who ventured into business by leaving a good post. The decision received very good support from a spouse as she was aware of the plan right from marriage. I started realizing that there was so much more to learn about running a business. 

Our mission statement guided us on what not to do & what to do. Our personal interaction with the customer made us aware of probable opportunities. We started sensing customer needs. We deliberated on probable solutions & what value we can add based on our experience.  Parallelly business setting administratively was going on.

Legal formalities to start business completed. 

One room office was set with minimum investment.

We made Standard documentation need for day to day business. 

Business ethics to be followed are listed & documented for implementation.

Financial discipline & procedures set.

First product catalog made

And so on…..

On 1/1/2021 we are going to complete two decades of a successful business. 

Now that I had a replicable & proven model of business in Process Control Machine Automation, I intend to work with other startups in close coordination in this sector and bringing in similar results.

Our Intention is to guide the right candidates on this path & work as a guide or facilitator

I have also had the opportunity to guide our ex-employees on this path & today they are successful.

I am also a bit of an adventure junkie. In my college days, I have trekked the Sahyadri range, visited many forts by walk & went on top of the highest peak Kalsubai. I went From Pune to Mumbai by two-wheeler & traveled to Mahabaleshwar by bicycle. I was in Tajmahal on Full Moon Day.

I visited more than 20 countries on our own & explored different cities/ countries by staying in the city center instead of hotels. I enjoyed scuba diving & parasailing 

I also explored Iceland, Seen Dhruv on the top of the head, enjoyed horse riding on ice, eyewitnesses dancing northern lights & hot Geysir  I truly feel alive when I do all of this and they make the best stories 🙂

While I am not doing all of this, I am enjoying playing cards, modifying games to enjoy by changing rules, and playing carom. 

I am making my intention clear through this note and I hope you will help me with my endeavor by spreading the word 🙂

Like I always say, the first Plan & then make it happen. You get the unending happiness of creativity. 😉

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